1. Is Your Kid a Control Freak?

    Is Your Kid a Control Freak?

    I'm not ashamed to admit that my children are complete control freaks. Yes, I said it. My gang can't get enough of any toy that can be controlled by a remote. If your family is going through the same situation, you can relax. This mom is here to help kids, and their parents, navigate the several new remote control offerings this holiday season. And there are more this year than ever before, trust me!

    Choosing the right RC toy isn't as hard as one would think, but I know how overwhelming it can be to innocently walk into a store and be confronted with dozens of different RC birds, trucks, cars, robots, etc. Your child's Christmas list just said "remote control toy". Awesome. It would be helpful if the adult buying the toy had a clue as to what kind of RC will make said letter writer squeal with delight, but he's a kid and that's not going to happen. So, after working in a toy store for 5+ years, and more importantly, raising my own brood for the past 18 years, here is my prof

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  2. The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    The Ultimate At Home Laser Tag!

    Toysmith's Laser X Double Blaster Pack brings arcade-style laser tag into your home! The Double Blaster Pack includes 2 laser x blasters with 2 receiver vests. One laser gun glows red, the other blue - perfect for two players! Keep track of shots and hits with full color lighting effects. Run around outdoors for maximum space to play and take full advantage of backyard terrain; if your aim is true, you can hit your opponent's target from up to 200 feet away! The Laser X Double Blaster Pack is just the thing for indoor active play as well! Plug in headphones to each laser blaster and feel the full immersion of the Laser X soundtrack and special sound effects. An interactive voice coach will even provide tips and feedback throughout the game! A fully immersive, interactive light and sound experience that doesn't add loud electronic noise as your kids run and play and laugh - the perfect laser tag experience for kids and adults! Uses 3 AAA batteries per blaster.

    Amp up the game

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  3. The RC Car with a "Twist"!

    The RC Car with a "Twist"!

    Did you know there was such a thing as a breakdancing car? We didn't either, ‘til we met the awesome flipping Turbo Twister from Mindscope! The Turbo Twister lights up, does flips, and performs all kinds of impressive stunts at the flip of a switch! The remote control is extremely easy to use - we've spotted three year olds twisting and flipping with giggles galore throughout our stores.

    Turbo Twisters are designed on two separate frequencies, so you can purchase one blue and one red and RACE (or battle) in the same space! This super cool car is incredibly durable and is perfect for use both inside and outdoors. The car and wheels both light up with bright flashing LED lights, so you can play day or night! Turbo Twisters feature a patented 360 degree front axle rotation, as wel

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  4. Cubed Creations

    Cubed Creations

    Cubed Creations
    Create, destroy, play! The best toys are the ones that encourage imagination, creativity and problem-solving. These skills are both necessary and beneficial to a child's development. California Creations does a fantastic job of inventing toys that require all three of these skills. Wonder Works has picked out two products that are sure to please anyone!

    Animal, object, tower - your child's imagination will be flowing with ideas when they get Geomatrix in their hands. These shapes are crafted with spectacular rare earth Neodymium magnets, which are the world's strongest! The rotating magnets attach freely for unlimited creations. Kids will improve their spatial skills as they understand the different geometric shapes. Ages 3 and up!


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  5. Rule the Arcade!

    Rule the Arcade!

    Rule the arcade with the coolest retro video games around! Schylling has made it possible to bring classic arcade games right into your home!

    The Frogger Retro Arcade Game looks and plays just like the 1981 original! Complete with an arcade style joystick and authentic sounds too! No coins required! Get Frogger home safely by navigating across the busy highway and rushing river without falling into the water. Can you beat all the levels? Based on the original Atari Arcade Game of the 1980's, this mini electronic game will bring back feelings of nostalgia and excitement. Whether you're a Frogger pro or you're just starting out, this mini version is perfect for everyone! 3 AA batteries are included so the fun can start right away!

    The PacMan mini arcade game comes progr

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