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  1. 7 Surefire Steps to the Perfect Easter Basket

    7 Surefire Steps to the Perfect Easter Basket

    We can all agree candy is awesome. No one is disputing the gloriousness of binging on sweets; that tummy ache later is 100% worth it. But no matter what rules are in place to encourage kids to pace themselves, all that candy will be gone sooner rather than later. Why not make the magic of the holiday last with some non-consumable, fun all year round, toyriffic springtime treats?

    Of course no basket is complete without at least a few confectionary delights - jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and sweetly silly lollipops are always welcome. But after that initial sugar rush, these special gifts will continue to bring joy to your little snuggle bunnies all year long:

    1. Jelly Cat: This one is a bit literal. Jelly Cat makes the world’s softest bunnies. Call up an image in your mind of the classic lovable, huggable, floppy little bunny toy - that’s exactly what a Jelly Cat bunny looks like. These cozy critters would be perfectly at home in Pooh Corner with Piglet and Roo and Eeyore too. And most importantly, they are unbelievably soft. Think dandelion fluff meets eiderdown and multiply by 100. Jelly Cat’s creative team has been working overtime lately, as they’ve expanded their offerings to include unicorns, lambs, flamingos, and funky pom pom critters that are out of this world. There’s truly something for everyone, a perfect plush pal to carry with them all year long.

    2. Pikmi Pops: These blind box plush pops are just too sweet to eat! Pikmi Pops are perfectly at home in any Easter basket, no matter how much candy you pile in. But you won't have to worry about cavities with these suckers - inside every Pikmi Pop is one plush pet! These soft, scented plush are the sweetest surprise of the season! The ultimate blind box surprise, you won't know what fuzzy friend you've adopted til you've opened your pop. Collect them all and trade with your friends! We’re currently on series 2 of these popular pops, so chances are your little collector has already encountered Pikmi Pops and can’t wait to build a pop menagerie. Who knew the Easter bunny was so hip to current trends?

    3. Squishy Squad: We’re back in plush land with the silliest, squishiest stuffed animals around. Squishy Squad critters squish like a beanbag animal and feature soft, fleecy fabric perfect for snuggling. Use as a portable pillow, sensory soother, or as a new plush pal! Tailor-made for the goofiest kid on your Easter list.

    3. LOL Surprise: Just a little something special to throw into the mix. Blind box collectors know all about these little cuties - we’re already on series 3! Keeping track of all these mystery blind box trends might be overwhelming for us mortal adult humans, but kids and Easter Bunnies know what’s up! LOL Surprise Little Sisters are just the right size for Easter baskets, and fun for collectors and all lovers of cute tiny things in cute tiny boxes!

    4. Thinking Putty: This amazing sensory putty has become our go-to gift for Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, restless hands, present toppers, or a small reward for good behavior or thoughtfulness. There are so many cool options - color changing, magnetic, glow in the dark, shimmering chromatic effects, totally transparent liquid glass...the hits keep coming! All Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is stretchy, squishy, and bouncy. The sensory applications are phenomenal for both neurodevelopment and soothing those on the autism spectrum, or just keeping your hands busy so your brain can focus at work and at school. Thinking Putty is non-toxic, latex-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and phthalate-free. It never dries out and is easy to remove from most fabrics. Crazy Aaron manufactures 100% of his products in the USA and is a leading employer of special needs individuals in his community. It is truly the toy for everyone - kids, teens, and adults!

    5. Feeling Smitten Bath Bombs: Treat yourself with these deletable bath bombs made in Asheville, NC! These gorgeous bath and body treats are sulfate, paraben and phtalate free, making them safe and gentle for any skin type and age - so you can throw these bombs in any Easter basket! Each bath bomb is beautifully designed and looks good enough to eat - delight in tantalizing realistic cupcakes, donuts, and truffles. Looks great, feels great, and blends in perfectly with that springtime basket of goodies.

    6. Stemless Corkcicle: Moms need treats too! These ingenious insulating glasses from Corkcicle keep your favorite adult beverages cool for over 9 hours (or hot for up to 3). Perfect for sipping on Sangria, white wine, and a host of chilled cocktails! Corkcicle’s other insulating offerings are already a hit for all ages (teens are all about the stylish canteens, and coffee lovers of all ages are abuzz for their colorful tumblers). Corkcicle is the perfect Easter basket centerpiece for tweens, teens, and adults who appreciate a gift that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

    There’s truly something for everyone when you think outside the candy aisle! This year, let’s take those baskets to the next level with treats for today, tomorrow, and all year long!

    We love the idea of getting everyone in on the fun. Babies and toddlers can enjoy a basket full of toys and plush. Older kids and teens may think they’re too old for the Easter bunny, but the right gift can rekindle that spark of holiday wonder. And after all, mom and dad work hard to make holidays magical for their families, and they should have a little treat to look forward to on Easter morning too!

    Speaking of treats for mom and dad, we have just the thing to ensure your holiday is all about fun and not about stress. Sidestep trying to schedule a shopping trip while the kids aren’t around and order online for delivery straight to your home (free shipping for orders over $99 and free gift wrap every time)! For Charleston locals, place an order with FREE in-store pickup and your Easter gifts will be waiting for you at your local Wonder Works (gift wrapped if you so desire)! And for the fully immersive holiday shopping experience, stop by your local store and get a FREE Easter basket when you purchase $25 of Easter goodies! It’s a Bunny Bonanza, and everyone’s invited!

    Bunny Bonanza

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  2. Come Play at Elfstravaganza 2017!

    Come Play at Elfstravaganza 2017!

    It's here! The most wonderfuntastical time of the year!

    Join us Saturday, November 11th from 9am-2pm at Wonder Works in the Belle Hall Shopping Center for the very merry Holiday Elfstravaganza! Not only is admission FREE for the whole family - every child will receive their very own FREE toy to take home! We are so ready to get into that holiday spirit!

    Come play with the hottest toys of the year, presented by 20 of the nation's top toy vendors! See what's trending this holiday season and let the little ones play and engage - the perfect way to preview just how much play value your family will get with each toy on their list! Raffles will be held throughout the event, so be sure to sign up and see if your family wins an extra special present this year!

    Elfstravaganza is truly fun for the whole family! Live entertainment includes local musicians, extreme pogo shows by the Xpogo Stunt Team, and WCBD's Rob Fowler as MC. We can't wait to see all ages running around playing laser tag, getting their goo on at giant slime and putty stations, and showing off their colorful face painting creations! Don't forget to stop by and meet teen entrepreneur and boss babe, Margo Gianos of Honestly Margo. She'll be signing books and dropping words of wisdom about dreaming big, taking chances, and making those dreams come true!

    Kick off the holiday season with letters to Santa (we have special delivery status to the North Pole), cookie decorating, and meeting an honest-to-goodness Elf on the Shelf! But don't worry, the Elf gets special dispensation from Santa to get BIG and give GIANT hugs for this very special occasion. After all, ELFstravaganza is named after him! Continue to build that holiday anticipation with interactive wishlists from ioKids and holiday craft activities. And of course, the main event of the season, SANTA! Santa and Mrs. Claus will visit between 10am and 1pm. Be sure to say hi and let them know you'll be doing your part to spread Christmas cheer - they've got a busy month ahead of them!

    Our own Wonder Works elves will be on hand to wrap your holiday gifts, FREE of charge! In the spirit of the holidays, donations will be accepted on behalf of three local children’s charities: Keys for Hope, Hugs for Harper, and the newly created Johnny Slick Foundation, which offers afterschool initiatives, foster programs, and assistance to homeless families with children. Your generous spirit and joyful sense of community makes our lowcountry family truly special! Can't wait to see you all at our annual Holiday Elfstravaganza to celebrate YOU!

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