1. A Little Somethin' Somethin'

    A Little Somethin' Somethin'

    In Charleston, we have a word for a small little gift, a surprise present, a just because: “circe.” Pronounced SER-SEE, it is often spelled a number of different ways…sursie, surcy, etc.


    At Wonder Works, we love helping EVERYONE (moms, aunts, grandmothers, friends, cousins, uncles, you name it) find the perfect gift, especially when they come in just to show their love with a ‘lil circe!


    Toysmith makes our all-time favorite circes, which we keep in our lovingly named “dump-bins” – it’s where we dump allll the good stuff! From bath squirters, magnifying glasses, slime, and hair bands, to tentacle fingers, wallets, and more, you’re sure find the perfect surprise gift from Toysmith!

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  2. 7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    7 Magical Gifts for Merry Mermaids

    I truly believe that Charleston is the best place in the world to live; just ask any travel magazine or any of the new residents migrating here in droves. Seriously, there is a reason why people from all over the world choose to either vacation or settle down here, and I believe I know the main reason. This lovely city of ours has mermaids. Yep, real live mermaids!


    The Weeki Wachee Mermaids grace us with their shimmery presence once a year, for a few short days, at the SC Aquarium downtown. I take my kids every year, and they love watching those beauties swim gracefully through the Great Tank. The magic of believing in mermaids fills our heads as we plan our aquarium excursion this weekend.


    We know the myths and the legends, but what if they really do exist? Imagine the possibilities, and the undersea life mermaids and mermen lead...if only for a few hours, on an ordinary family visi

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  3. 5 Must-Have Outdoor Toys for Spring

    5 Must-Have Outdoor Toys for Spring

    The flowers are blooming, the beach is beckoning, and Spring is definitely in the air! After we all survived the great snowfall of '18 here in Charleston, it's time to get outside and play!


    If climbing, swinging, riding, and jumping are on your family's warm weather to-do list, then you can't go wrong with these must-have active toys for Spring and Summer!


    With nothing but sunshine on the horizon, it's time to get the whole family outside and moving! Turn your backyard into the ultimate personalized playground with these best-selling outdoor toys for kids of all ages:


    Swurfer - Made locally on John's Island, this solid maple swing is the talk of the lowcountry! Its unique shape and wooden contoured

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  4. Surf's up, Dudes!

    Surf's up, Dudes!

    Hey y'all! We hope everyone's summer is being filled with fun and sun! Doesn’t living near the beach give you an extra pep in your step? We can dig our toes in the sand, feel the sun on our face, and watch the warm water come to greet us. It's great to be a South Carolinian!

    For those of you with little ones who love the beach but want to enhance their experience even more, Wonder Works is here to help. One of our hottest summer toys, Surfer Dudes, is sure to entertain your little water bugs!

    These dudes and dudettes are made for swells. In fact, there are 7 different surfers to choose from that have their own background stories! This unsinkable toy can ride any wave, any style! Just simply throw your dude into the water and watch him turn upright and surf the wave. Check out the 7 surfer dudes who will transform your beach experience!

    Which one will your child choose? Whoever they pick, you’ll be able to watch

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  5. Beat the Heat with Bling Banz!

    Beat the Heat with Bling Banz!

    It crosses every parent's mind as they take their kiddos to the beach, playground, zoo, or any other outdoor activity: overheating and excessive sun exposure. You always make sure your child is hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and spending time in the shade. These are necessary precautions to keep your child healthy. Although you are doing everything possible to stop excessive sun exposure, there's another way to beat the heat!

    Wonder Works offers Bling Banz that are not only stylish and fun, but they are an amazing way to let you and your child know if they need to spend more time in the shade!

    How it works:

    - Have your kiddo pick out one of the eight fun patterns and styles available!
    - Put sunscreen on your child as normal.
    - Strap on the Bling Banz and have fun!
    - Periodically, your child can check their wrist to see where they stand with sun expo

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  6. Just Keep Swimming!

    Just Keep Swimming!

    Did you know that swimming is actually a fantastic exercise? Aside from being extremely fun and playful, there are some serious health benefits to it! It's good for your heart and joints, and it can lower blood pressure and improve your mood.  Fin Fun's Mermaid Tail is both a fun activity for your child AND an amazing way to get them up and moving.

    Let your child escape into the world of sea shells and fish friends with her very own mermaid tail. While being act

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