valentine's day

  1. Always and Forever FUN!

    Always and Forever FUN!

    The Wonder Works Spring Catalog is here!!

    There's something special about flipping through a catalog - seeing all the brightly colored toys laid out side by side, imagining EVERYTHING from that one page wrapped up neatly for you to tear into, hearing the satisfying swoosh of the page turning - it just builds anticipation like nothing else can. But in today's digital world, it can be hard to keep track of physical info. That's why we've created special digital versions of the catalogs we love!

    Discover the perfect gift as you browse the latest and greatest toys and gifts for the whole family, from picky tweens to scientists, superheros, and creative masterminds!

    Navigation is simple - just like a real catalog! Use the arrows on the left and right of each page to flip through (you'll even hear that satisfying flippy sound as you turn each page). Click the top or bottom of each page for options to save, bookmark, or share. Get inspired to visit your local store, browse our site for more creative gift ideas, or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a shoppable selection of our favorite catalog items!

    Don't forget to read through to the back cover for a special surprise! (Hint: It's a number that starts with 2, ends with 0, and saves you money on one fabulous gift!)

    There's still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine - just select FREE in-store pickup at checkout, and we'll have your gift ready and waiting at your nearest Wonder Works within 2 business days! FREE gift wrap also available - just leave a note at checkout and we'll do the rest!

    Click to Shop our Spring Catalog

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  2. Here Comes Cupid!

    Here Comes Cupid!

    Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. The pink and red decorations make my heart soar. Don't get me started on the rows and rows heart shaped boxes, filled with delectable chocolates, that line stores' shelves! And the smell of roses in the air literally makes my toes curl with delight...I can't get enough of this lovely holiday! I'm that neighbor on your street with the enormous Valentine flag hanging off her porch, a Valentine garden flag planted squarely in the front yard, red felt heart garlands decorating the gutters, and red fairy lights strung on the trees. Like I said, I LOVE Valentine's Day! 

    As far back as I can remember, every year on February 14th the Valentine's Day Fairy, best friend of Cupid, visited our house. The thrill of waking up and heading downstairs to see what that beautiful fairy left on our kitchen table is such a great memory. Of course, when my children were born, the tradition continued. Not only are the kids excited about passing out their carefully chosen V-day cards at school, they can't wait to find their sweet treats in the morning!

    Yes, I am aware that this kind of gift giving isn't anywhere close to a Christmas or a birthday, but it is something special to look forward to. Everyone I know adores getting little gifts, and on this special holiday, love is the key so there is no reason to go overboard. A plush animal, for example, is perfect paired with candy. I'm thinking this year I will give my oldest daughter, the one who doesn't care for chocolate and is obsessed with all things funky, a bag of Jelly Belly Conversation Beans and a Raspberry Ripple Pom Pom plush. For the animal loving kid in your family, I'd suggest a Caticorn and a small box of chocolates.

    The Valentine's Day Fairy has dozens of treats up her sleeve, but if she needs ideas, Wonder Works is the place to visit. A Magic Maker is always happy to help! Stop by today and check out Romeo, the newest holiday Beanie Boo. This little guy is a sure bet for little loves! The teen and tween crowd isn't a problem for the clever fairy, Amethyst Blush or Strange Attractor Thinking Putty and a bag of Bean Boozled jelly beans certainly make a unique gift! Be creative, have fun, and let that love shine through!

    Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

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