Magic Mixlings Pixling Doll

SKU: 56376

Real Magic Awaits: Let the Pixlings transport children into a realm of wonder, where they can create magical moments and embark on thrilling journeys.

  • Create a swirling, deep blue potion with the included magical ingredients.
  • Utter the magic words, "Magicus Mixus," and witness the transformation.
  • 6.5 Inch dolls with 7 points of articulation for easy posing.
  • Beautiful brushable hair, a mystical pearl gem, soft fashion with iridescent finishes, and crafted shoes.
  • Collect Unia the Unicorn Pixling, Deerlee the Deer Pixling, or Marena the Mermaid Pixling.
  • Ignite children's imaginations and embark on thrilling adventures.