Faux Bow Pro

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The Faux Bow Pro from Marky Sparky Toys is a cool twist on the classic sport of archery! Designed for ages 10 and up, this durable faux bow gets kids outside for hours of active play! Not only does this bow and arrow set help with the development of hand-eye coordination, but it also encourages creativity when kids build their own targets! The three included "Impact Arrows" are totally unique, so much so that the arrows are actually patent-pending! Ultra-lightweight and extremely strong, arrows can fly over 200 feet! Don't worry about injury, the foam arrow tips are designed to bounce off targets! Concerned about losing arrows? Not with this clever bow design, quiver clip on bow holds all three arrows so rapid launch is quick and easy! Set includes: 1 Faux Bow Pro with fiberglass limbs with assembled bow tips, Three arrow quiver clip, 3 patented “Impact Arrows,” 1 Bowstring with Finger Guards, 2 Arrow rests.