Fancy Flamingo Luxe Dough Cup

SKU: 36164

Take a flight of fancy with bright pink plumes, cool aqua water, and a sprinkling of glitter for extra fun with our Land of Dough Fancy Flamingo Luxe Cup!

All Land of Dough is made with natural, earth friendly materials, including plant-based colors, compostable glitters, and organic essential oils. All Land of Dough products include a signature scent with hints of lemongrass, chamomile and lavender.

*Allergen information: All dough contains wheat and almond nut oil.

Known for creating the best putty on earth, Crazy Aaron’s has once again reinvented a childhood classic. Land of Dough play dough is handmade on Main Street, USA with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities. Carefully crafted from all-natural ingredients, it’s simply the most unique, wonderful, and sustainable dough on the planet.


  • Includes 7 oz. of dough
  • Color: teal, pink, white, black with shimmering glitter.
  • Final Color: fuchsia
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Includes a natural, sustainably sourced wooden shovel made from birch
  • Air dries for sculpting
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • For a longer-lasting dough, keep sealed in product packaging and place in a cool dry place. If possible, refrigerate.