EggMazing Egg Decorator

Love to decorate eggs but hate the mess? If you said yes, then the EggMazing Egg Decorator is for you! Actually, it's for the whole family! Fun and easy, this egg decorator enables kids make unique, beautiful eggs for Easter! This product got its launch on KickStarter, and hasn't stopped since! The Eggmazing is a phenomenal alternative to dyeing and stenciling. Just pop your egg into the center lathe, let 'er spin, and hold the included non-toxic markers against the shell to create stripes and squiggles perfectly encircling your egg. The easiest, cleanest way to get everyone involved in coloring eggs, this eggcelent arts and crafts project is fun for everyone! No runny dyes, no mess! To create an especially fetching effect, feel free to dye your eggs first, then use the Eggmazing to create unique designs on top of your base color. Use this brilliantly simple Egg Decorator year after year for tons of Easter egg craftiness! No matter how you crack it, it truly is EGGmazing! Includes (1) Eggmazing machine and (8) colorful quick drying non toxic markers. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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