GeoMatrix 15 Piece Set


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The GeoMatrix 15 Piece Set is perfect for fidgeters and builders alike. Simple geometric shapes with inset magnets let you create anything you can imagine with fun bright colors and satisfying magnetic pull. Reinforce basic developmental concepts such as color recognition, shape identification, fine motor skills, spatial skills, creative problem solving, and more! Adults are loving the ability to manipulate these small, 3D pieces in the palms of their hands as the magnets click in and out of configuration. Delight the senses, exercise your creativity, and soothe restless hands and minds with GeoMatrix. The GeoMatrix 15 Piece Set is the perfect gift for any age, from little ones just learning shapes and colors to adults who love to fidget. GeoMatrix is made with the most powerful magnets currently available, and there are no concerns about polarity - with magnets at each freely rotating vertex, all 3D pieces will naturally come together rather than repel. Each piece is solidly constructed with polycarbonate (the same material used to make bulletproof glass) and no screws or rivets - meaning you won't have to worry about magnets getting loose and becoming a hazard for small children or pets.
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