Gizmo is the coolest pet you'll ever own! This artificially intelligent puppy will not only take heed to your voice commands, such as "Sit", "Laydown", and "Rollover", but it also offers Bluetooth connection. You can watch Gizmo dance to the beat while playing your favorite tunes via his speaker! Can your dog do that?! Gizmo also has an embedded educational feature and can be a powerful teaching tool for kids learning their alphabet or numbers. Interact with Gizmo using voice commands or download the smartphone APP control. The infrared sensors sense proximity and will help it avoid obstacles. Gizmo has multiple touch sensors located on its body and responds to praise and petting. Gizmo comes with an Instruction Manual and a Mini USB Charger (charge time is 45-60 minutes). If your child wants a pet, but you don't, Gizmo is the perfect solution! Enjoy all the fun of owning a pet without any of the expense and clean up of a real dog! He's great for anyone with pet allergies or someone living in a place with pet restrictions, such as a small apartment or for a college kid living in a dorm.
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