Peppy Pups Walking Brown Dog


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Peppy Pups Brown Dog: The Kid-Powered Toy With Wiggle Waggle Walking Action! Does your little one need a new best friend? Introduce them to the pet with the most lovable personality around, the Peppy Pups Brown Dog! This sweet little guy goes where you go! He interacts, walks, runs, and plays just like a real dog. No mess here, though! This cutie doesn't even need batteries! With stick and flick spring-to-life technology, your Peppy Pup will follow wherever you lead, bobbing his head and bouncing along. Your new dog is so huggably soft that you'll want to take him everywhere, from a long walk to instant snuggles! Peppy Puppies love to run, jump and play. They are the only plush dog who will really run along by your side wherever you go - the lovable, hug-able furry friend! This interactive toy is just like the real deal. Peppy Pups walk best on carpet and rough surfaces. Adult supervision required. Recommended for children ages 2 and up.
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