Emerald Bronze Mermaid Tail

SKU: 36226

Yearning for a unique mermaid experience? Dominate the depths dressed in our radiant Bronzed Emerald design, featuring a breathtaking blend of jewel tones! Uniquely shaped scales in emerald green and golden topaz tones set this swimmable mermaid tail apart, with its special layer of copper sparkles that creates a polished look. Metallic by design and comfy by nature—this mermaid tail for kids and adults made of swimsuit fabric features luxurious shades of the earth’s hidden gems printed on premium fabric that stretches with your every movement!

FinFun’s Limited Edition swimmable mermaid tails feature high-quality swimsuit material that’s made to last, so you can swim with confidence! Plus, it’s resistant to fading from chlorine and saltwater elements so all you have to do is focus on perfecting your mermaid technique!

  • Reinforced Tips Prevent Holes
  • Sparkly Foil Finish
  • Machine Washable