Kickit Sport Pack

SKU: 34600

Where Soccer Meets Badminton! You will be kicking around a Kickit to play the sport Kickit! 

The Sport-Pack comes with:

  • One State-Of-The-Art Kickit designed to be slower in the air and easy to kick so you can spend MORE time playing, having fun, learning tricks, and competing and LESS time picking it up off the ground.
  • High quality (rust-resistant) painted steel poles so you don't ever have to buy another net ever again which means you can save money and never miss out on a chance to play a fun game with your crew.
  • All-in-one carry bag with light-weight portability so you can just strap it over your shoulder and still have two free hands for high fives and carrying your phone, sweat rag, breath mints, and other game time necessities.