Laser X Double Blaster Pack

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Toysmith's Laser X Double Blaster Pack brings arcade-style laser tag into your home! The Double Blaster Pack includes 2 laser x blasters with 2 receiver vests. One laser gun glows red, the other blue - perfect for two players! Keep track of shots and hits with full color lighting effects. Run around outdoors for maximum space to play and take full advantage of backyard terrain; if your aim is true, you can hit your opponent's target from up to 200' away! The Laser X Double Blaster Pack is just the thing for indoor active play as well! Plug in headphones to each laser blaster and feel the full immersion of the Laser X soundtrack and special sound effects. An interactive voice coach will even provide tips and feedback throughout the game! A fully immersive, interactive light and sound experience that doesn't add loud electronic noise as your kids run and play and laugh - the perfect laser tag experience for kids and adults! Uses 3 AAA batteries per blaster.