Mr. Bubble Push Bubble Mower

SKU: 24156
Bubbles fly out of the front of this Mr. Bubble Mower, where your child can see them and not out the back into your child's feet, like most bubble mowers. Blow bubbles on grass, sidewalks, driveways, just about anywhere with this outdoor toy! Provides hours of outside activity for toddlers and preschool kids. Lifelike motor sounds fill the air as your toddler ''mows the lawn'' with this push mower toy! No batteries are required, just push this lawn mower to see hundreds of bubbles stream out of the engine. Includes 4 fluid ounces of bubble solution. The bubble chamber is easily rinsed and cleaned with garden hose. Made of durable, bright colored plastic. Mr. Bubble - Bubble Mower with 4 oz of bubble solution.