Rescued by Rico

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Written by local authors Stacy Weldon Pierce and Julie Pierce Weldon, Rescued By Rico is the true story of a 12-14 year old chocolate lab pup from Puerto Rico who affectionately became known to as "Rico." A year or so after his family had to abandon him to escape 2017 Hurricane Maria, he was found curled up in a ball, 20 lbs. underweight, with a litany of health issues. 

Rico was something special. He was loved by everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. Stace and Jules are telling his story because they hope to inspire others. They want to help others understand how much a rescue animal can bring to your life. They also want to approach the hard conversation about a beloved family pet passing by painting the Rainbow Bridge so bright that it offers hope to little ones whose best fur buddy has passed on. 

50% of all proceeds from sales of the Rico products will go directly to animal rescue organizations who are doing great work.

Hardcover book with 36 pages. Ideal for ages 3-9, or really, any "kid" of any age!

Add the Rico stuffed animal and coloring book to make an adorable set!