Small Squishable Avocado

We think Squishables are the most huggable plush on the planet! Made of super soft polyester fiber, you can't help but love on the sweet 7 inch Small Squishable Avocado! This super-foodie cutie is just the snuggliest thing - the term "comfort food" has never been more appropriate! The shape and design of this avocado makes it the perfect cuddle buddy! The Squishable Avocado is one of the many designs crowdsourced by the innovative, one of a kind company that is Squishable. Squishable describes itself as "a technology company with a toy habit" and focuses entirely on audience input for everything from product design to the wesbites they code. Over half of the plush they offer is fan-designed, and fans get final say on which of those prototypes are put into production. The Squishable team is deep into charity as well, auctioning off prototypes and arranging monthly donations to dozens of philanthropic partners. So when you bring a Squishable plush into your life, you're making the world a little better as you make your life a little cozier. Recommended for children 3 years and older.
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