Stemless Unicorn Corkcicle

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The sparkling Stemless Unicorn Corkcicle keeps your favorite adult beverages cool for over 9 hours (or hot for up to 3). Perfect for sipping on Sangria, white wine, and a host of chilled cocktails! Of course you can fill this stemless wonder with whatever you like, but it's just plain refreshing to never worry about the warmth of your hand shortening the lifespan of a drink best served cold. Now you can sip for hours, or prepare drinks ahead of time for a party. The Stemless Corkcicle is the perfect solution to outdoor get togethers - the insulated design keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature all night long, and the sturdy construction ensures you won't be cleaning any shattered wine glasses no matter what. The lack of condensation on the outer layer prevents slipping and keeps hands dry, easy grip sides are designed for a comfortable hold, the slip-proof silicone bottom lets you place it anywhere without worry, the sliding spill-resistent lid keeps your drink exactly where it belongs, and the shatterproof design means that even if it does fall, this Corkcicle is going to be a-ok. The triple-insulated Stemless Corkcicle holds 12 oz of liquid and comes with a spill-proof, shatterproof, crystal clear lid. Stock up today - Stemless Corkcicles just made Oprah's list of favorite things, so these glorious gifts are sure to sell out quickly!
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