Swurfer Swing

Why just swing when you could Swurf? The Swurfer Swing is a HAND CRAFTED wooden swing that is made with the highest quality American products right here in Charleston, South Carolina! You can swing standing up for more of a challenge or sitting down for a classic spin on the swing. Kids and adults alike will love swinging and swurfing all day with the Swurfer Swing! The Swurfer is the perfect choice for summer fun for the whole family!  Hang from a tree for a full range of motion or from a swing set or porch for classic swinging fun! Our favorite wooden swing is constructed of sturdy Hard-Rock Maple with a UV and water resistant finish to keep it looking beautiful and new for years to come! Your Swurfer will come complete with adjustable handles and 80 feet of  double braided, American made rope. It is extremely strong with a 250 lb weight limit, and stable for both sitting and standing. The Swurfer promotes awesome balance and spacial skills while giving you a great workout. Although you probably won't notice with how much fun you'll be having! The board itself is constructed like a perfect wooden balance board, so if you live in a climate where you can't get out and play all year, you can take down your swing and use it as a balance board indoors! More Reasons to Love Swurfer Their giving spirit: A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Surfers for Autism. Their creativity and drive: Swurfer started as a simple idea for family fun, and that invention is quickly turning into a worldwide phenomenon! Their commitment to quality: Swurfer is 100% made in the USA and uses only the highest quality, long-lasting components . The Details Includes: Swurfer board, Two 40 feet Lengths of Rope and One Set of Handles. Tool free adult assembly of the swing is required. Recommended for children 6 and up. MADE IN THE USA!
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