The Amazing Star Cube Puzzle


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The Amazing Star Cube Puzzle Fidget. Keep your hands occupied and your brain engaged with the latest and greatest fidgety puzzle! The Amazing Star Cube puzzle is a brilliant new twist on the classic Rubik’s cube concept. Eight little squares make up one larger cube - flip to open and a 12 pointed star appears! Flip again and you’re back to a cube. The colorful shapes perpetually change as you fidget and play. There’s no limit to the challenges you can set for yourself with this mind-bending new 3D puzzle! How many shapes can you create? The amazing transforming StarCube is not only a customer favorite, but was voted one of ASTRA's Best Toys For Kids in 2016! Pick one up today for fidgeters and puzzle lovers alike! Choking hazard - not for children 3 years or younger. Recommended for ages 8 years and up. Challenge yourself and your family with more innovative puzzles and fidget toys for all ages!
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