Zipes Speed Pipes Performance Pack

You've never seen remote control car and tracks set like Zipes Speed Pipes! Instead of the car speeding on top of the track, the car zips through strong, flexible clear tubes! The pipes can have a single loop, many loops or you can leave them flat on the floor or even make them go up the walls - the track combinations are endless, just use your imagination! The vehicles are illuminated due to the included strobe ball that flashes in brilliant colors...very cool in the dark!! This set is like no other, it's fun and exciting to control the cars as they hit super fast speeds in the track creation you designed! Recommended for ages 5 and up. Zipes Speed Pipes Performance Pack includes: 1 Illuminated Zipes™ Speed Pipes Vehicle, 1 RC (AA batteries required), 1 Cosmic strobe ball, charging cable, 4 straight pipes, 8 curved pipes, and 12 small pipe connectors.
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