Camo Archery Set

SKU: 16941

This Two Bros Bows Camo Bow Set provides hours of active fun! Hand-assembled in the USA and third party tested for safety, these bows are sure to last through hours of hard play. The Two Bros Bows Camo Bow Set comes with one camo bow, two matching arrows and a poster target in a sturdy cardboard box. About Two Bros Bows: Three years ago while living in their 800 square foot apartment, brothers Duncan and Hayden together with their mother, Elisha decided to figure out a way to earn some extra money. Being huge fans of playing in the outdoors, Duncan and Hayden, under their creative, entrepreneurial guidance of their mom, took out a $50 loan from their mother to create and develop a durable, kid-friendly nostalgic bow and arrow. The boys and their mother then took their finished product to a local craft fair to sell their bows and arrows. The boys sold 15 out of 18 bows and arrows they made and they used the profits to reinvest and build their line. From these early beginnings, Two Bros Bows, LLC was born. Three short years later, Two Bros Bows is now a million-dollar business in over 800 speciality stores across the country as well as internationally. The boys have won numerous awards in the toy industry and continue to develop their skills as Kid Inventors and Entrepreneurs. From the boys basic beginning of learning how to make and sell a bow and arrow, they are now helping Elisha with marketing, creative design, and promotional social media opportunities and guest appearances. "Work hard, play hard" has always been the family's motto in life and it has paid off for the boys! Duncan and Hayden are excited that children all across the country are rediscovering their own adventurous spirits and heading out to explore nature and have fun with their toy bow and arrows made by Two Bros Bows, LLC! Recommended for ages 6 years and up.