Waboba Big Kahuna

SKU: 11613

The Big Kahuna is our biggest and most versatile Waboba ball yet. Its larger size limits the speed of the ball, making it easier to catch. Bounces on water only. Take it anywhere! Pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, etc., great for all water environments. Ball size: 4 inches in diameter. You'll have great big splashing fun with the Waboba Big Kahuna Ball that actually bounces on the water. The 4'' Big Kahuna Ball is Waboba's biggest, most versatile ball yet, perfect for games in the pool, at the beach, or at the lake. Just throw the ball as though you were skipping a rock and watch as it bounces far across the pool. The harder you throw, the better the Big Kahuna will bounce. So give it a try and catch it if you can. The Waboba Big Kahuna is intended for water use only, so please avoid bouncing this ball on hard surfaces. Colors will vary.