Swurfer Bamboo Swing

SKU: 34593

Our #1 best-selling swing, now available in sustainable bamboo! Swurfer swings are designed right here in Charleston! Swurfer's patented curved board allows you to surf through the air, soaring to heights of up to 15 feet. See your child smile like never before as they fly through the sky with a look of pure enjoyment on their face, or let your young ones sit down and glide back and forth like a classic swing. The included 60 foot of Terylene double-braided UV and mildew resistant ropes with fully adjustable handles can accommodate any sized rider and support up to 200 pounds. Out of the box, the Swurfer can be hung from tree branches up to 15 feet high. Don't have a sturdy branch? Check out the new Skyling Suspension System! Ages 6+