Funtime Tractor

SKU: 41760

The Funtime Tractor from Kidoozie is our most popular toddler toy of the past decade. Who wouldn't love a safe, sturdy, interactive tractor that really drives? The Funtime Tractor includes one farmer and five animal friends that are removable for imagination play. Each character fits into its specific spot and plays the corresponding sound when your child matches correctly. Animals make animal noises and the farmer sings Old MacDonald when the shapes are sorted. The steering wheel even honks when pressed. Press on the smokestack at the front of the tractor and the whole rig rolls forward. Do it again to stop. Incredibly long battery life and extremely sturdy construction make the Funtime Tractor a top choice for families with multiple children or those looking for a toy to grow along with their child. The tractors in our stores tend to last for years with thousands of play sessions, leading our expert staff to trust this top toddler toy recommendation.   The Funtime tractor encourages creative story development, fine motor skills, understanding of cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, independent play, and problem solving, among other key developmental fundamentals.   Includes 4 "AA" batteries.