Orbit Swing

SKU: 34560

• OUT OF THIS WORLD FUN – the kids will spend hours swinging back and forth under the tree, but it’s also great for taking naps, doing homework, or simply lounging in the shade and enjoying a nice afternoon breeze. The Orbit looks as good hanging from the tree as it is fun to play around on/ The 24 and 40 inch diameter frames can support 500lbs, so just about the entire neighborhood can pile onto it at once. Say goodbye the constant cries over whose turn it is

• WEATHER RESISTANT design means that the swing is UV protected and water resistant. The durable high denier nylon mesh mat allows water to filter right through so that it drains immediately and dries up in no time

• COOL BREEZE MESH PADDING allows air to flow through the swing to keep your backside cool on hot and sunny days but is also strong enough to resist tears and hold up to 500lbs.

• PATENTED TOOL-FREE QUICK SNAP ASSEMBLY – the patented foam covered metal frame means no bumps or bruises while you use it. It snaps together with nothing more than your hands

• 1-YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – we stand behind all our swings...because if we stood in front we’d probably get smooshed. That means if, for any reason, you aren’t happy with this amazing swing then you’re not going to be stuck with it hanging from your tree for the rest of time