Slapzi Card Game

SKU: 20892

From the award winning creators of Tenzi, here comes another fun, fast-paced frenzy! Slapzi is a quick moving family card game matching pictures and categories. Each deck will include one set of cards with full color pictures and subtitles and one set of cards with a descriptive phrase (ex. "too heavy to lift," "often found in water"). If you see a match, SLAP IT! Slapzi is simple to learn and simple to play! Get the whole family in on the fun with multiple sets of instructions appropriate for multiple age levels. The bright photos and high contrast designs are great for early readers and are sure to make the whole family faster at scanning and comprehension. No one game is ever the same once you get your creative juices flowing! Pick up a copy of this fast-matching, card-slapping, everyone-laughing, picture game today! Recommended for children ages 8 to adult (though younger can handle a round or two if you take it slow).