Surfer Dudes Classics

SKU: 210000016285

Surfer Dudes: the world's first self-righting, self-surfing, surfer dude powered by waves! This beach toy is fun for kids and adults alike! Just toss your dudes into the water and they will automatically turn around and surf the wave! After using it at the beach wash with fresh water to keep it in the best condition. This toy is unsinkable but is best in foamy waves 3 inches to 3 feet. Easy assembly and no batteries required! Use with adult supervision. There are 6 super cool surfer dudes...try to collect them all!

  • Sumatra Sam (orange/yellow)
  • Bali Bobbi (pink)
  • Donegan Doolin (green)
  • Hossegor Hank (light blue)
  • Costa Rica Rick (red/orange)
  • Aussie Alice (purple)