Waboba FiddleSTX Lacrosse Set

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Waboba has teamed up with STX to bring you Waboba FiddleSTX Lacrosse Set, a fun, fast and furious water lacrosse set. Waboba FiddleSTX Set takes water lacrosse to an extreme dimension, thanks to Waboba's patented technology. Two 30-inch FiddleSTX come with one Waboba Extreme, the amazing ball that bounces on water. Just scoop up the Waboba Extreme and throw with a sideways motion. You and your friends will be amazed how far and how fast the Waboba Extreme bounces across the pool. It's a great new game you can play with any Waboba Ball. The Waboba Ball is intended for water use only, so please avoid bouncing the ball on hard surfaces. This set is not suitable for children under 3. Waboba began as ''the ball that bounces on water.'' Today, Waboba balls are bouncing on every continent. Our goal is to connect people through fun, because when you're having fun with others, your differences disappear.