Doink-It Darts

SKU: 44365

Powerful magnets stick on the board and not on the wall! Doink It Darts feature a super sturdy dart board and six space-age darts that are light, balanced, and fly true every time. Our perennial best-seller from Marky Sparky Toys, Doink It Darts is hands-down the greatest magnetic dart board we've ever tried. The smarties at Marky Sparky set out to design the best magnetic dart set on the planet. Based on our utterly glowing customer reviews (and the long, long lifespan of the dart sets in our four busy stores), we're absolutely positive the Marky Sparky team has succeeded. Each Doink It dart uses N-35 Neodymium rare earth magnets. This is a stronger, better, longer-lasting magnet than Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (Alnico) or standard ceramic magnets. Of course, it costs our friends a bit more to source these wonder magnets, but that decision pays off enormously in improved quality and cost over the lifetime of your toy. The body of the dart is comprised of unique space-age materials that are light, durable, and configured in such a way that the dart always flies perfectly true. The magnet doesn't weigh down your dart and throw off your arc, the barrel doesn't wobble, and the flight keeps it sailing along exactly where it needs to go. This is truly the best designed, best quality, and most well balanced magnetic dart set we've ever played with!