Jellyfish Lamp

SKU: 15831

Thinking of bringing something therapeutic such as a calming jellyfish aquarium right into your own room? The Jellyfish Lamp brings nature to you in an easy, mesmerizing and hassle-free way.

These little oceanic creatures are not real jellyfish but are so realistic, you will probably question if they are real. The next best thing to owning a real jellyfish, they provide the thrilling beauty of underwater existence without the difficulty of tank cleaning and maintenance.

Turn on the lights and watch as the iridescent jellyfish dance through the water. Children and adults are entranced with this fascinating lamp. It lends a calm and soothing ambiance to any home or office space.

Fill with water and a drop or two of liquid soap to break the surface tension, install 3 AA batteries (not included) and you’re ready to go!