Skyline Swing Suspension System

SKU: 34596

Skyline Swing Suspension System is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

NO TREE, NO PROBLEM – if you don’t have the perfect overhead branch to hang a swing from, then the Sky Line is your new best friend. Set it up between two sturdy trees, and you can create a perfect hanging point to hang up to four swings at once! The Sky Line is compatible with any swing, and the included patent pending adjustable anchor system allows you to hang multiple swings from it at once, or you can use the quick connect carabiners to easily swap any swing out in seconds. The safe and sturdy heavy duty strap is strong enough to lift a forklift clear off the ground. If the strap is strong enough to hoist an entire forklift off the ground without even breaking a sweat, just think about how many neighborhood kids can hang from it at once. Installs on trees 20’-40’ apart. The longer the span, the larger the spring! Designed right here in Charleston!