Slackers Ninjaline Intro Kit

SKU: 19536

Train like a ninja in your own backyard with the Slackers Ninjaline! Hang your 30' Into Kit between two trees (or other sturdy vertical supports) to create your own ninja training obstacle course! As you gain strength in your training regimen, slowly move the obstacles further apart to give yourself more of a challenge.

The Ninjaline is strong enough (and we all know it's challenging enough!) for adults as well as children, with a weight limit set at 250 lbs. These exciting obstacle courses will help ninjas of all ages develop core, grip, and upper body strength as they tackle and conquer each new challenge. Created with input from professional ninjas, the Slackers Ninjaline includes suggestions for course setups ranging from beginner to advanced level. A carrying bag is included for portability so you can practice you skills at home, at the park, at the campsite - anywhere you want to ninja, Slackers is there!  Ages 6+ Max weight 250LBS. Are you ready to have the perfect backyard adventure?