Tenzi Dice Game

SKU: 10334

Tenzi is our absolute favorite, best selling family game of all time. Perfect for any age - as long as kids are old enough to recognize numbers on a die, they're old enough to play! Part of why we love it is its versatility - all dice come packaged with 9 different ways to play, but you are encouraged to make up your own variants! This is the only game we've sold to teachers looking for math games, parents looking for family games, and college students looking for party games. Tenzi offers the perfect way for anyone to play!   There are so many wonderful ways to play, but here's a tutorial on the basics: Everyone gets 10 dice. Roll your dice and keep an eye on your color. Check for your most common number, set those dice aside, and keep rolling til all your dice are showing the same number. Once you have all ten on the same number, shout "Tenzi!" and revel in your victory!